NBDC Research ID: hum0076.v1



Aims: Genome-wide search for susceptibility genes to primary biliary cholangitis (PBC)

Methods: SNP-based genome-wide association study

Participants/Materials: 487 PBCs and 476 healthy controls


Dataset IDType of DataCriteriaRelease Date
hum0076.v1 GWAS Unrestricted-access 2016/10/05

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487 PBCs

476 healthy controls

Targets genome wide SNPs
Target Loci for Capture Methods -
Platform Affymetrix [Axiom Genome-Wide ASI 1 Array]
Library Source gDNA extracted from peripheral blood cells
Cell Lines -
Reagents (Kit, Version) AXIOM 2.0 Reagent Kit
Genotype Call Methods (software) GenCall software (Genotyping Console ver.
Filtering Methods Sample Call rate < 0.97, SNP call rate < 0.95, HWE P < 0.001, MAF < 0.05
Marker Number (after QC) 425,736 SNPs (hg19)
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Principal Investigator: Minoru Nakamura

Affiliation: Clinical Research Center, National Hospital Organization (NHO) Nagasaki Medical Center

Project / Group Name: PBC Consortium in Japan (PBCCJP)

Funds / Grants (Research Project Number):

NameTitleProject Number
KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) New clinical classification and the criteria for predicting long-term outcome in primary biliary cirrhosis 20590800
KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) Genome-wide association study to detect disease-associated genes in Japanese patients with primary biliary cirrhosis 23591006



TitleDOIDataset ID
1 Genome-wide Association Study Identifies TNFSF15 and POU2AF1 as Susceptibility Loci for Primary Biliary Cirrhosis in the Japanese Population doi: 10.1016/j.ajhg.2012.08.010 hum0076.v1.gwas.v1