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Aims: A study aiming to establish objective imaging and evaluation methods in preclinical Alzheimer's disease by collecting biochemical data such as psychological tests, MRI and PET images, and blood cerebrospinal fluid over time in patients with preclinical AD

Methods: We performed amyloid PET in healthy elderly and enrolled subjects with amyloid accumulation in the preclinical AD group. Subjects without amyloid accumulation were enrolled as healthy subjects. In addition, subjects who were diagnosed with MCI by psychological examination were enrolled. Those subjects underwent detailed psychological examination, MRI, FDG-PET, blood, and cerebrospinal fluid examination, and were followed up for 6 to 36 months.


25 healthy elderly people without cognitive impairment

preclinical AD (ICD10: F00): 3 cases

early MCI (ICD10: F06.7): 7 cases

late MCI (ICD10: F06.7): 5 cases

URL: https://upload.umin.ac.jp/cgi-open-bin/ctr_e/ctr_view.cgi?recptno=R000022596


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Clinical and Psychometric Tests, Biochemical Tests, MRI Scan (1.5T, 3T), PET Scan (FDG, Amyloid (PIB, florbetapir, flutemetamol), Tau(flortaucipir))

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Data Summary

Dataset ID: JGAD000378 (13.9 GB)


1.Clinical and Psychometric Tests

CRF NameCRF DescriptionFile Name File Format(Extension)
ADAS*1 ADAS-Cognitive Behavior ADAS_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
ADASSCORES ADAS Sub-Scores and Total Scores ADASSCORES_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
ADSXLIST Diagnosis and Symptoms Checklist ADSXLIST_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
ARM Diagnosis/Scan Category Assignment ARM_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
BLCHANGE Diagnostic Summary - Baseline Changes BLCHANGE_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
BLSCHECK Baseline Symptoms Checklist BLSCHECK_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
CDR*2 Clinical Dementia Rating CDR_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
CONVERSIONS Conversions Confirmed by Conversion Committee CONVERSIONS_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
ECOG Everyday Cognition Scale ECOG_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
EXCLUSIO Exclusion Criteria EXCLUSIO_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
FAQ*3 Functional Assessment Questionnaire FAQ_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
FCSRT Free and Cued Selective Reminding test (FCSRT) FCSRT_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
FHQ Family History Questionnaire FHQ_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
GDSCALE*4 Geriatric Depression Scale GDSCALE_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
INCLUSIO Inclusion Criteria INCLUSIO_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
MEDHIST Medical History MEDHIST_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
MINT Multilingual Naming Test MINT-AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
MMSE*5 Mini Mental State Exam MMSE_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
MODHACH*6 Modified Hachinski MODHACH_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
NEUROBAT Neuropsychological Battery NeuroBAT_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
NEUROEXM Neurological Exam NEUROEXM_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
NPI12*7 Neuropsychiatric Inventory Q NPI12_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
PDXCONV Diagnostic Summary PDXCONV_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
PHYSICAL Physical Exam PHYSICAL_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
PTDEMOG Participant Demographic Information PTDEMOG_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
RECFHQ Family History Questionnaire Subtable RECFHQ_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
REGISTRY Registry REGISTRY_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
TREATDIS Early Discontinuation and Withdrawal TREATDIS_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
VITALS Vital Signs VITALS_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)

※1:Rosen WG, Mohs RC, Davis KL. A new rating scale for Alzheimer's disease. The American Journal of Psychiatry. 1984;141(11):1356–1364. PMID 6496779

※2:Hughes CP, Berg L, Danziger WL, Coben LA, Martin RL. A new clinical scale for the staging of dementia. Br J Psychiatry. 1982 Jun;140:566-72. PMID 7104545

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※5:Folstein, MF; Folstein, SE; McHugh, PR (1975). ""Mini-mental state". A practical method for grading the cognitive state of patients for the clinician". Journal of Psychiatric Research 12 (3): 189–98. PMID 1202204

※6:Hachinski VC. Multi-infarct dementia: a cause of mental deterioration in the elderly. Lancet. 1974;2:207–9. PMID 4135618

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2.Biochemical Tests

CRF NameCRF DescriptionFile Name File Format(Extension)
APOE ApoE Genotyping APOE_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
BLOOD Perpheral Blood BLOOD_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)
CSF Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) CSF_AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)


3.MRI scan

3.1 Quality Control

CRF NameCRF DescriptionFile Name File Format(Extension)
MRIQC MRI Scan Information MRIQC-AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)

※ See MRIDOC for MRI quality control procedures

3.2 MRI Images

DescriptionFile Name File Format(Extension)
Raw MRI Images obtained from MRI Scanners DICOM


4. PET Scan (FDG, Amyloid (PIB, florbetapir, flutemetamol), Tau(flortaucipir))

4.1 Quality Control

CRF NameCRF DescriptionFile Name File Format(Extension)
PETQC PET Scan Information PETQC-AMED-Pre.csv Comma-separated values (.csv)

※ See PETDOC for PET quality control procedures.

4.2 PET Images

DescriptionFile Name File Format(Extension)



Principal Investigator: Hiroyuki Shimada

Affiliation: Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine

Project / Group Name: AMED Preclinical AD study group (Clinical Sites, Citation Information [see 'Other related information'])

URL: https://upload.umin.ac.jp/cgi-open-bin/ctr_e/ctr_view.cgi?recptno=R000022596

Funds / Grants (Research Project Number): 

NameTitleProject Number
Research and Development Grants for Dementia, Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) Evaluation and imaging study of the preclinical stage of Alzheimer's disease in Japan JP19dk0207020



TitleDOIDataset ID
1 A Japanese Multicenter Study on PET and Other Biomarkers for Subjects with Potential Preclinical and Prodromal Alzheimer’s Disease doi: 10.14283/jpad.2021.37 JGAD000378


USRES (Controlled-access Data)

Principal InvestigatorAffiliationCountry/RegionResearch TitleData in Use (Dataset ID)Period of Data Use
Yasuhiko Ikari Molecular Imaging Center for Clinical Research and Innovation, Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital Development of imaging biomarkers on clinical study image database for Alzheimers disease. JGAD000378 2021/06/14-2023/03/31