hum0184 Release Note

Research IDRelease DateType of Data
hum0184.v2 2022/02/18 bam/gvcf data of NGS(WGS)
hum0184.v1 2020/09/01 NGS (WGS)



Whole genome sequencing analyzed data included in the JGAD000338 were mapped to the GRCh37 reference genome sequence, and variant detection was carried out using the GATK (Genome Analysis Toolkit) standards. Bam files and gvcf files were added. This project is an initiative of the GEnome Medical alliance Japan (GEM Japan, GEM-J).



Whole genome sequencing by Illumina HiSeq2500 and NovaSeq6000 was performed using DNAs extracted from peripheral blood cells of 5,000 Japanese general residents (fastq, bam, gvcf).