2023 Survival GWAS results in the Biobank Japan project


These files were the results of GWAS of survival time in the Biobank Japan project released via National Bioscience Database Center (NBDC).


Uploaded file:

File nameNumber of samplesNumber of variants

*In the X chromosomal analysis, three individuals were excluded due to possible sex-errors.



Number of columncolumndescription
1SNPmarker name
3POSposition (hg19)
4Refreference allele
5Altalternative allele
6Frqalternative allele frequency
7HRhazard ratio (effect size of Alt)
8CI95_Llower 95% confidence interval
9CI95_Uupper 95% confidence interval
10P_coxp-value estimated by wald test
11p_spacoxp-value estimated by SPACox software.

Association analysis was performed using 'survival' R package and SPACox software

(Bi W, et al. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 107, 222–233 [2020]).


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If you use these date, please cite the following paper: Akiyama M et al. "Genome-wide association study reveals BET1L associated with survival time in the 137,693 Japanese individuals." Commun. Biol. (2023). DOI: XXXX